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As an agency, Loving Care Transitional Home and Loving Care Services is committed to providing quality home care to patients in the Cincinnati Ohio and surrounding areas. We have proven our ability to provide quality care to many physicians, referral sources and families and as a result, receive repeated referrals. Our goal is to increase our referral sources and patient census.

In our efforts to increase our business, we discussed what we need to do to continue to be the preferred provider for our current referral sources and increase the number of referral sources and referrals.

We have the ability to provide care to a population that is becoming more culturally diverse. We would like our clinicians and caregivers to be as culturally diverse as our clients. We are planning to have staff as diverse as our clients. We will increase our recruiting efforts by participating in area job fairs, and possibly using a recruiting company to assist in our search as well as a staffing agency during times that we are busy.

We also want to let the community know who we are and the services we provide. We will increase the number of community events we are involved in. This will include health fairs and other areas that large numbers of residents will attend. Members of our agency’s management team as well as clinical staff will be present to meet, greet and interact with the attendees.

We also plan to increase our marketing efforts with physicians, clinics, hospitals and rehab facilities.

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